May I milk your ginger beard?


July 6, 2012 by annalarissa

Also known as the 4th of July: NYC Style

So, Everyone has the day off for Independence Day which is sooo wonderful! But what do you do in a city that has everything to do on your day off?

Sit in the A/C, because it’s freakin’ HOT here!

But really, we hung around the apartment for most of the day, until some friends came over to join our never-ending adventures.

We went out to this restaurant called Burger Club in Astoria, and they had some pretty darn tasty veggie burgers and sweet potato fries if you ask Kelsie and I (Kelsie is an old friend from high school who also recently moved to NYC, we reconnected about two weeks ago, and thank GOD because she’s just awesome).

On a side note: Chris and I have discovered that the food service workers in NYC really suck. No offense, but I’ve been a waitress and I know for a fact it’s really not that hard.

Could you imagine two more attractive roommates?! And I get to MARRY the blonde one!

On a second, funnier side note: The title of this post is based on an especially great one-liner, made by Kelsie, referring to a middle-aged hippy at Burger Club who had a long and thick red beard which he had woven into two long, luxurious and endlessly sexy captain-jack-esq braids. While laughing about it later, she very nonchalantly joked, “Excuse me sir, may I milk your ginger beard?” I honestly can’t stop laughing about it, even now as I write about it.

I digress, plus I can tell my giggling to myself is annoying Chris.

After dinner we jumped on the subway in search of some good old american FIREWORKS! I mean hellooo, it’s New York City and the fireworks are put on by Macy’s over the Hudson River, how could we not go?! 

So we rode the N into midtown and walked over to the West Side, closest to the Hudson river. Then the five of us, along with thousands of other sweaty, hot, annoyed people stood in the middle of the street for an hour and waited out what we expected to be a spectacular firework show.

Waiting actually ended up being a great time since we all shared the same sarcastic humor about the situation. Many laughs and one-liners were enjoyed by all.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the fireworks were ahhhhmazing!

Unfortunately though, this is a city, full of tall buildings and such, so we watched the top right half of the show over a large hulking church located just along the river.

Needless to say, it was definitely an adventure, but worth every tired, sweaty, crowded step!

Happy Birthday America, I’m so grateful to have gotten to celebrate it in the greatest and freest city in the world!

‘Til next time…


2 thoughts on “May I milk your ginger beard?

  1. Ms. Melissa says:

    Love reading about your trials and tribulations in the big apple! Keep up the good work, you write fantastically!

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