Some things I refuse to give up on, others, I have to just give in…

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July 3, 2012 by annalarissa

Chapter 1- Am I INSANE? Seriously though…

Today, I re-started the Insanity program, and this time I’m determined to do it RIGHT. I’m going to eat right and follow the videos my hardest every day.

(The people who live below us are going to hate me)

I’ve got a wedding dress to look fabulous in! So, plan on seeing happy (and I suppose sad as well) posts about my dress-diet challenge, or so I’m calling it until I can come up with a more clever name.

Chapter 2- Anything but an old biddy.

Then, feeling trim, fit and healthy I took my curvy tush out to the market, then the grocery store. While at the market though, I bought a cantaloupe the size of a small watermelon, therefore carrying it and my other bags all the way back to the apartment was not at all ideal.

I broke down and bought one of those awful, ugly, wheel-ey grocery bags (usually associated with old biddies) from the bargain store. It was quite an ordeal, let me just say. I’d bought this kind of cute blue one with white flowers on it for $5, but the wheels wouldn’t stay up under a semi-heavy load. A gigantic pain in my behind since I already had the melon and two other bags of fresh produce. So, after the store attendant and I opened and unfolded three go that design, he settled on the fact that it must be that bag. Thus, he pulled out an awful plaid one and proceeded to set it up and show me how much better working it was. Frustrated, I agreed, threw my groceries into it and huffed to the grocery store to buy chicken and peanut butter and other staples.

Chapter 3-I gave in, it gave out. Great.

The walk home was mostly uneventful until I got to our building and the wheel of this stupid-awful-old-lady-wheel-ey-grocery bag GAVE OUT ON ME! I dragged the $5 monstrosity up our three flights of stairs and unloaded it, trying to see the humor in the whole situation. After a few flustered moments, everything was put away and I poured myself a cup of green tea.

Chapter 4- Tilapia en flambe!

Mmm calm, then Chris came home and I started cooking dinner. Well I was making lemon dill tilapia and spinach salad with cucumber and green apple.

I think the oil was too hot, and the fish was still just a little frozen. Apparently, in my kitchen that spells fire. Soon, I had an entire pan of tilapia ON FIRE! I nearly gave myself a heart attack, but blew it out and turned off the burner.

No worries, my eyebrows are intact.

The fish actually turned out pretty good, ya’ know once I finished it in the microwave.

‘Till next time…


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