Cooking tasks I plan to take on


July 1, 2012 by annalarissa

I’ve decided to take on some new challenging recipes, so please check back soon for posts on these cooking endeavors:

Homemade Fig Newtons: MMM so creamy and tasty and I love the crunchy little seeds in the figs!

Homemade Raspberry-Lemon Pop-Tarts: I absolutely love pop-tarts (it actually borders on being an acute danger to my health) so I can’t wait to try and make my own in such a tasty flavor!

Homemade Spinach Pasta: In an attempt to be a true Italian woman, I want to make homemade pasta, and I absolutely love spinach so why not try to make homemade spinach pasta?! How hard can it be, right? Right.

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza: Yes, I know I’m in New York and this is absolute blasphemy and should count as high treason, but I crave the flaky pastry-like crust and the chunky tomatoes, I can’t really get that here.

Homemade Mozzarella: I’ve heard mozz is supposed to be a really easy cheese to make from scratch, so I’ve decided I’m going to try. The photos make it look nice and messy.

Petit Fours with Raspberry Jam and Lime Icing: I’ve always heard that petit fours are very difficult to make and tedious, but they’re so GOOD that I think they would totally be worth the work, so I’ll let you know if thought is a dream or not (fingers crossed).


2 thoughts on “Cooking tasks I plan to take on

  1. Jim says:

    How about homemade cheddar, instead of mozzarella? Seeing that cheddar is such a much simpler cheese.

    • annalarissa says:

      Is it? I’ve never heard that, I’ve always heard mozz is easiest, but I will definitely look into it, Thanks!

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