From Baking in Times Square to Beers at Citi Field

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June 25, 2012 by annalarissa

On Wednesday, June 20th The Times Square Alliance teamed up with local yoga studios to bring Summer Solstice 2012 to the citizens of New York. According to the event’s website, “Attendees were challenged to find tranquility and transcendence in the midst of the world’s most commercial and frenetic place, Times Square.”

And let me just say, a challenge it was.

First of all, it was 97 degrees that day, tying the record for hottest June 20th ever. Keep that in mind as you read along. For some perspective, imagine standing in Times Square on New Years Eve with thousands of other people waiting for the ball to drop and ring in the New Year in bundled up in sub-zero appropriate attire. Now, imagine the exact and polar opposite of that situation (with the exception of the thousands of people).

The event also advertised that the first 1,500 participants would receive a free yoga mat, so my naive self didn’t bring my mat because “I didn’t want to have to carry two back.”

That was stupid move #1 (although I wasn’t alone in this assumption). I ended up cooking on the blazing hot concrete on a cardboard box while attempting to concentrate on breathing and being calm (while consciously trying not to pass out from the heat).

The class was 90 minutes long, I made it through 70 minutes before my poor sweat drenched self gave up.

What’s stupid move #2 you ask? I did all of this on a stomach full of coffee. No, not coffee and… Just coffee. And water, ya’ know, gotta stay hydrated.

There was a Jamba Juice just next to where I was broiling, and the whole time I kept thinking, ” I can’t wait for that, that’s where I’m going, I’m gonna sit in the air conditioning and eat a sandwich and a smoothie and just relax (because the yoga was clearly not relaxing).

Unfortunately, when I quit and ran out of there whimpering, with my tail between my legs, I couldn’t bring myself to sit there and watch pathetically as all these yogis finished my class. So I ducked onto the subway and rode my train to Herald Square where I bought lunch and sat in (yet another) Starbucks.

The rest of my week was about as exciting as plain oatmeal. That is until Teresa (the savior of my disposition) invited Chris and I to a tailgate at Citi Field before the Yankees played (and ultimately beat) the Mets in the second game of the Subway Series 2012. 

This, my friends, is just what the doctor ordered! I got to socialize with new people, eat tasty cookout food (which I’ve missed thanks to our obvious lack of backyard) and drink beer while hanging out in the gigantic parking lot of Citi Field.

Chris and I left while everyone headed over to the game and enjoyed a night on the town to ourselves 🙂 I got all gussied up, complete with a new dress and painfully high heels and we stumbled around Astoria scoping out the nightlife in our oh so great neighborhood.

When we finally stumbled into the apartment (7-11 snacks and Arizona tea in hand) I was thrilled to fall into bed with my wonderful fiancé and slip off into the blissful sleep of a fun filled day.

Till’ next time…


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